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Looking for a roommate!

Hey everyone! One of my roommates told me on short notice that they will be leaving at the end of this month, and so I need to find a roommate for the 1st of July ASAP! This is awesome news for whoever needs a place, because it's a great house with perfect people in it :)

Specs: The house is on Decatur St. on the Westside of Olympia, literally three blocks from Grocery Outlet, super close to downtown, and ONE BLOCK from the main bus route on Harrison with the 41 and 48 stopping every 15 minutes. PERFECT for a student.

There are three rooms, a large room and two smaller rooms, you would be renting one of the smaller rooms. There are two females living in the large room and one female (me!) in the other. It is a very nice environment, very laid back. Smoking only outside, no pets. There is a ton of storage space, a garage, washer and dryer, internet, all that fun stuff. Rent is $375 a month and bills are split equally each month. I am waiving the deposit fee because it is such short notice, sort of as an incentive. We are very cool, respectful, laid back, intelligent people and would like to find someone similar, student or not. Thank you for looking! If you are interested or have questions call me (Claire) at 360-441-7068 or email
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