Cat Murphy (chaoscat) wrote in olympiawa,
Cat Murphy

Olympia Arts Walk now charging performers, businesses...

So when did Olympia start charging performers, artists, and businesses? We performed in April and did not get charged. The lady whose contact information is on the registration is on vacation according to her voicemail.

This really bothers me, as I've _never_ heard of Arts Walk charging money. It's supposed to be a _free_ event for the public.

I doubt we're going to be able to do a fire show like we did in April, because now it will cost us $10 PER performer, on top of our supply costs (upwards of $100 per show for fuel, tools, etc).

My photos alone will be costing me around $75 just to get them printed up. (That's one day's worth of work for me before taxes.)

I'm wondering what businesses downtown will be able to afford the $65 fee just to sponsor a performer or artist. :(
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