recordplayeron (recordplayeron) wrote in olympiawa,

Looking for house in Oly for Sept. 2012

I'm moving back to Oly in September (2012) from the east coast after a few years away. (I'm arriving mid-September, but I get that I might have to pay for Sept. 1.) I've got some friends in the area who are helping look and I'm religiously scouring Craigslist for promising ads, but I wanted to post here in the off-chance that anyone knows of a house, cabin, cottage, in law suite, and/or room for rent.

I'm pretty open to most living situations but have some preferences. I'd love a house or other small living area where I pay no more than around $500/month with utilities. I'll pay more for the right situation if I have to, but would love to spend less. Ideally, I'd like just one roommate, but open to more. I am not really feeling living in an apartment and open to pretty much anything else. Open to very small rooms or unusual spaces including live-aboard boats. I just need to be able to get away for some quiet space. I prefer the eastside, but also open to places near the westside co-op. I have a car, so parking spaces nearby is ideal, but I'd like to get around mostly by bike, foor, or public transit.

I have a dog who sometimes gets along with other animals and sometimes not, so because I won't have a chance to arrange introductions, I'm looking for her to be the only animal in the house. My dog is 6-1/2 years old and well-behaved, quiet, and a cuddle machine. I also really want a fenced yard for her to play in even though she's really lazy. I do not plan to confine her to my room and would hope that a roommate would interact with her. While you're obviously not responsible for her care, I'd hope you'd like playing with her and perhaps letting her out if you were home and saw she needed to, just so she doesn't have to hold it.

Me - I'm vegan and prefer to live with other vegans/vegetarians. I plan to work and go to grad school (TESC). I don't drink, smoke cigarettes, or do anything harder than 420. Liberal, introverted, and on-time for all bills (almost perfect credit, no debt, etc.). I prefer to go elsewhere to party, but like if friends are welcome to come over to a reasonable degree. I am hoping to get back into more outdoors activities that I've missed in my current city and would like to have even a small garden.

If you've got any leads, I'd appreciate them! :)
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